RE: Microsoft XSL and Conformance

Subject: RE: Microsoft XSL and Conformance
From: "Larry Mason" <Larry_Mason@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 08:38:23 -0600

>And where is the COM interface to make it easy to use with IIS servers. It
>is pointless sitting on your high horse with one of the best solutions and
>slagging off MS when your solution is no solution at all unless you want to
>sit in front of a DOS window and translate all your documents by hand.

Using a product like Allaire's JRun, you can have JSP and servlets on IIS.  I
prefer the extensions to Java not COM.  My servlets use XT and are running with
IIS, Netscape and Apache on NT and Unix - with no code change on my part.  No
DOS involved!  And web server neutral!

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