Re: xml -> rtf

Subject: Re: xml -> rtf
From: "Rick Geimer" <Rick.Geimer@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 10:46:59 -0700
If you insist on sticking with XSLT for this (even tbough it is probably
poorly suited for this particular task), you could use it to create an
XML version of RTF...i.e.

	<rtf> ... </rtf>

instead of

	{\rtf ... }

Then serialize the result and pass it to a simple SAX processor that
will convert the XML tags to curly braces and backslashes. Note,
however, that RTF is very verbose and you will probably run into memory
and performance problems. You might be better off doing the whole thing
as a streaming SAX or OmniMark program instead. 

Rick Geimer
National Semiconductor

"Johnson, Matthew C. (LNG-MBC)" wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anyone suggest a method of converting XML data to RTF (that can then be
> read into MS Word)?  I would prefer to do this using XSL/XSLT but I cannot
> find an engine that will do the actual translation to RTF.  I have found
> Jade and DSSSL but, again, I would prefer to stick with XSL, if possible.
> Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!
> Matt
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