Re: XSLT and Text Processing Languages

Subject: Re: XSLT and Text Processing Languages
From: Paul Terray <terray@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 10:41:02 +0100
To add to this little conversation :

OmniMark advantages :
- Much faster
- Can be linked to SureSpeed, the application server manager for OmniMark, that handle the load for App Server in a very neat way
- Less resource hogging
- Allow everything that would need an external language in XSL-T, including server querying
- Can do much more than translation

XSL-T advantages :
- Much more powerful for tree querying (DOM oriented): you cannot ask for a node that is not in your ancestors with OmniMark, you cannot parse twice the same node... Just tocs are way simpler with XSL-T
- Very natural way of outputing XML and HTML (in OmniMark, you output the string of the tag, where in XSLT, you are sure the XML you output is well-formed)
- XML-native : the DTD you are using with OmniMark can be SGML-tainted, there would be no reaction at all, whereas XSL-T is very strict with that

Conclusion :
- For XML->XML or XML->HTML conversion, which is more tree transformation, prefer XSLT
- For any other format -> XML, Omnimark is mandatory
- For XML -> any other format, Omnimark is probably better
- For XML interpretation to trigger programs, OmniMark is clearly the best
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