Re: XSLT V 1.1

Subject: Re: XSLT V 1.1
From: Paul Tchistopolskii <paul@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 11:40:50 -0700
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From: Thorbjorn Ravn Andersen <TRA@xxxxxxxx>

> > 4. document() should accept only URI.
> The two-argument version of document( "where", /) allows me to use an XSL file on a web
server, and still include files from the same directory as the original XML-file.

I don't understand what is your rationale.  Could you please
provide the XSL ? In return I'l try to provide the invariant which
will work without document() with 2 prameters.

> I have actually filed a bug report on Xalan on this matter.

... and you'll have no need to wait for 'bug' to be fixed ;-)


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