Re: [xsl] Mapping node references in/out of DOM?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Mapping node references in/out of DOM?
From: Dimitre Novatchev <dnovatchev@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 21:40:12 -0800 (PST)
Hi Jeff,

I guess that using the string produced by generate-id() will be OK.

In case that on different invocations the XSLT processor produces
different values for generate-id(theSameNode) (which I think is very
unlikely), then you could use something else that is unique and will be
invariant accross invocations of the XSLT processor -- e.g. the XPath
expression locating exactly this single node in the xml document.


Jeff Saylor wrote:

I'm looking at presenting an arbitrary XML Hierarchy to a user in a UI
they will select an element from it.  I am looking for ideas on how to
the UI elements back to DOM elements.

In other words - output the DOM to a UI with some sort of mapping so
when the user visually selects an element in the UI, I can easily
locate the
selected element in the DOM.  The obvious answer is to pre-populate all
DOM elements with unique keys, but this will prove difficult in my
- instead, I need something I can do at runtime...

Ideas, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance!

Most Sincerely,



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