RE: [xsl] namespace values

Subject: RE: [xsl] namespace values
From: "Leigh Dodds" <ldodds@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 21:43:00 -0000
> Leigh Dodds suggested that RDDL might be used to cobble together
> transforms. For example suppose you want to transform format A -> format
C, but don't
> have a transform to do this. You might find a transform for A ->
> B (i.e. in the RDDL document for A) and one for B -> C (in the RDDL
> for B) and then pipe A -> B -> C. Leigh has suggested that the "purpose"
of an XSLT
> ought be the resulting format (i.e. "nature"). Using this convention such
> compilation of transforms is possible.

I think this is a potentially very powerful technique as it allows one to
a further declarative 'step backwards', and define the desired output for
a transformation without having to define the steps to get there, or indeed
the location of the stylesheets.

I think a TRaX based trial implementation for this should be fairly simple
implement (although obviously you'd want to limit the search depth that
your engine uses).

Also, granted multiple piped transforms will likely be sub-optimal compared
to a single specialised transform. But I think experience has shown that
pipes are very useful constructs.



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