RE: [xsl] browsers with XSL capabilities

Subject: RE: [xsl] browsers with XSL capabilities
From: "Xu, Xiaocun" <XXu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:30:56 -0500

IE 5 does not because it was released before MSXML3.  You need to install
MSXML3 in replace mode so your browser would parse XML/XSL directly.

Go to MSXML3 page at:
and read "Running MSXML in Replace Mode" section.

Also, you can check out Unofficial MSXML FAQ at

Good luck :)

Xiaocun Xu
Emptoris, Inc.

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> Subject: [xsl] browsers with XSL capabilities
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a browser where I could simply drag & drop an 
> xml file, which
> refers to an xsl file, and have the browser apply the xsl and 
> display the file
> appropriately. I tried this in IE 5 and unfortunately it 
> simply doesn't display
> (the html from the xsl displays but none of the data from the 
> xml file shows
> up).
> Strangely when I use the msxsl.exe command line tool I can generate
> html correctly from the xml & xsl - but it seems like IE 
> doesn't do this
> automatically
> (and I do not want to use javascript to handle this).
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks :-)
> -Sher
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