RE: [xsl] browsers with XSL capabilities

Subject: RE: [xsl] browsers with XSL capabilities
From: "Evan Lenz" <elenz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 20:48:57 -0800
Larry Garfield wrote:
> I'd actually recommend against such things, as those attributes
> and features are
> IE 5.5 ONLY.  If they were part of the W3C's spec, fine, I'd
> accept someone
> saying "non-conformant browsers can bugger off."  But I would
> advise against
> MS-only extensions in every and all cases.  (Unless I'm way off
> the mark and
> contentEditable is in some W3C spec I haven't read yet, in which
> case I'll go
> back to my cave and shut up.)

I would agree with you most of the time, but in this case there is no
equivalent standard and certainly no equivalent implementation that I'm
aware of that gets you close to the power provided by this set of features.
It might also be worth noting that the little demo is labeled "ACME
intranet" in order to highlight the fact that you can usually only hope for
everyone to have the same type of client when in a controlled environment
such as an intranet.

My mention of disable-output-escaping being useful in this context was about
the extent of my staying on topic for this list, so this will be my last
post on this one.


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