RE: [xsl] following-sibling

Subject: RE: [xsl] following-sibling
From: "Diamond, Jason" <Jason.Diamond@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 18:53:32 -0500
following-sibling::node()[1][self::text()] should do what you want.

It selects all the following siblings (regardless of what type of node they
are) and then filters out all but the first and then filters even that last
node out if it's not a text node.

If you consistently use whitespace like your example did then a simpler
expression could have worked but if you had two <a> elements right next to
each other (with no intervening text or whitespace) then you probably
wouldn't be happy with the results.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: [xsl] following-sibling

I have a xml like :

	<a href="url1">Click1</a> Some text here
	<a href="url2">Click2</a>

>From within the template match of a , I want to extract the text following
it. I tried using following:sibling but couldn't..
Any help is appreciated..


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