[xsl] select="..." expressions in XSLT

Subject: [xsl] select="..." expressions in XSLT
From: "Knebels, Francis" <francis_knebels@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 11:34:23 -0500
I'm trying to get this XSL to work, but it is not giving me the output I'm
looking for.  The XSL looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
match="/"><xsl:copy-of select="/campaign/question[@start-date

(the 20011220 can be replaced with any date in the form CCYYMMDD.)

When I run this, I don't just get the nodes (and children of the nodes) in
the specific date range.  I only get ones where the end-date is greater than
or equal to the 200011220.  I've searched the internet for examples if this
can even be done, but I haven't seen anything on compound expressions in
XSL.  The only thing I can think of doing as an alternative would be to
split the expression and run one transform.  then make the output a
well-formed document and then run the second part of the transform as a
second stylesheet.  

The XML I'm trying to transform looks like this:

<campaign name="some_survey" type="SURVEY">
   <question questionid="470" text="blah blah blah" ans-type="RADIOBUTTON"
max-responses="1" week-of="10/01/2001" start-date="20011001"
end-date="20011007" total-answered="0" respondents="0">
      <answer answerid="1982" text="answer one" sequence-nmbr="1"
   <question questionid="471" text="question 2" ans-type="MULTISELECT"
max-responses="8" multiple-answers="Y" week-of="10/08/2001"
start-date="20011008" end-date="20011014" total-answered="34"
      <answer answerid="1988" text="answer 1" sequence-nmbr="1"

Can this be done as above with other syntax?  I tried <xsl:if> and I
couldn't get that to work either.  

Francis X. Knebels
Merck Vaccine Division

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