RE: [xsl] (consistency in select results?) converting attributes to nested tags recursively

Subject: RE: [xsl] (consistency in select results?) converting attributes to nested tags recursively
From: Edward.Middleton@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 11:48:46 +0900
Thanks for your help this is mostly what I was looking for but I was hoping to do it in a way that used
Template matches for the nodes for the following reasons.

1.	I want to be able to override the way the tag is created for particular attributes, but also have
	a default behavior for others.

	i.e. I might want to produce

	<attrib1 value="fds">
	rather then
	<tag name="attrib1" value="fds/>

2. 	The attrib2 could also be on TagB and in this case would have the same behavior 

	<tagA attribreq="attribreqvalue1" attrib1="fds" attrib2="hdg">
	  <TagB attrib2="hdg">Text1</TagB>
	  <tagA attribreq="attribreqvalue1" attrib1="fds" attrib2="hdg" />

	would produce

	<attribreq attrib="attribreqvalue1">
	     <tag name="attrib1" value="fds">
              <tag name="attrib2" value="hdg">
			    <tag name="attrib2" value="hdg">Text1</tag>
	<attribreq attrib="attribreqvalue1">
       	<tag name="attrib1" value="fds">
             		<tag name="attrib2" value="hdg"/>

>Hmm... OK, one thing that you should be aware of is that attribute
>order is not retained in an XPath node tree. So the fact that attrib1
>comes before attrib2 in the tagA start tag in your example doesn't
>mean that the attrib1 attribute node comes before the attrib2
>attribute node in the XPath node tree. I'll assume that you don't care
>about the ordering in which the tag elements are nested inside each
>other, as it makes things simpler.
I understand this but for consecutive matches will the order be the same. i.e. if

	@* produces @c @a @b will it always produce @c @a @b or can the 
	search order change.

If this is the case I could create a sequence in each match template to determine if it was the last

Thanks again for you help.


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