[xsl] Brackets in XPATHS

Subject: [xsl] Brackets in XPATHS
From: Edward.Middleton@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:02:53 +0900

I have two or more elements that are the same but that can apear in different places in the structure.
I tried the following form where

xpath1 = tag1/tag2[@attrib1='fads']/tag3[@attrib2='ahf']
xpath2 = tag4
xpath3 = tag5[1][attrib3='gf' and tag6/@attrib4 ='flk']
xpath4 = @attrib5


/tag1/tag2[@attrib1='fads']/tag3[@attrib2='ahf']/(tag4|tag5[1][attrib3='gf' and tag6/@attrib4 ='flk'])/@attrib5

but I get an error saying
Extra illegal tokens '(', 'tag4', '|', 'tag5','[','1',']','[','attrib3','=',''gf'', 'and', 'tag6','/','@','attrib4', '=',''flk'',']',')','/','@','attrib5'

Is this the correct way to specify two alternative sub paths.

Thanks in advance

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