RE: RE: RE: [xsl] JavaScript problem again!

Subject: RE: RE: RE: [xsl] JavaScript problem again!
From: "Passin, Tom" <tpassin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:43:49 -0500
> I just commented out part by part. In this particular part, 
> JavaScript didn't work for the whole document. Since I'm an 
> newbie I don't know whitch prozessor I'm using.

To solve a problem with creating javascript, you have to accomplish two
things -

1) Your javascript code - the code you want to create with the
stylesheet - has to work right, independently from any xslt
transformation issues.  You can test this by hand-authoring an html page
and testing it.

2) You have to see what javascript is actually being created.

In your case, I take it that the transformation is not getting
completed, and that the error occurs during the attempted xslt
transformation so that you cannot finish step 2).  Is that right?  If
not, then you may have a javascript issue and not an xslt issue.

The best bet is to get a copy of the exact xml source that is getting
fed to the xslt processor, and run it against the stylesheet using a
different xslt processor.  The reason is that you may get more helpful
error messages.  If you cannot capture that source somehow (and maybe
you could get it by using an identity transformation (see any FAQ
site)), you will have to create one by hand that approximates what you
think the stylesheet is seeing.

For you, this would mean running from the command line rather than from
Cocoon, if you are still stuck.

In the future, please make it clear for us how you know that the problem
arises during the transformation and not during execution of the
javascript.  You may think it has been obvious, but as I read your posts
I realize that I have to guess about it.


Tom P

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