[xsl] interactive: calling CGIs using document("") function

Subject: [xsl] interactive: calling CGIs using document("") function
From: S Woodside <sbwoodside@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 22:00:06 -0500
I'm actually writing an interactive server-side application using XSLT (on axkit platform, though it could be cocoon too) where I pass back parameters in the URL and receive in the params of the stylesheet, much like many CGIs operate.

One thing I want to do with the parameters is potentially add one of them into a file, and I think I will try to do this using the document call. My idea is that the XSLT will have something like this:

<xsl:param name="some_input"/>


<xsl:value-of select="document('http://localhost/foo/bar.cgi?input={$some_input}')"/>

Where /foo/bar.cgi is some CGI (could be XSLT too of course!) that will take the input parameter and add it to a file and return perhaps simply a yes or a no answer as the output something like this:

Since I'm using a pipeline I can then have a look at the result in the next stage of the pipeline to see if it worked!

I didn't find this in the XSLT FAQ so I thought I'd post it. Thoughts?

I am also a little concerned about security too.


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