Re: [xsl] Sorting on call-template value?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Sorting on call-template value?
From: "Randy Oxentenko" <randy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 14:08:16 -0500
I don't think that would work.  The value returned from call-template would
presumably vary for every possible node in the "for-each" list.  The example
shown below would have a single value for the variable "sortkey".  It would
not be very useful unless it could be different for each node in


Randy Oxentenko

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Subject: Re: [xsl] Sorting on call-template value?

> Randy Oxentenko wrote:
> > I am a novice with XSLT.  My question is with respect to the child of
> > <xsl:for-each> that is <xsl:sort>.  Is it possible to use a result
> > from <xsl:call-template> as the sort key?
> >
> > Perhaps a better way to phrase the question might be this: You can sort
> > the value of functions intrinsic to XSL, such as position() or
> > substring-before() etc.  Is it possible to write your own "functions" as
> > templates, and sort on the value returned from those?
> Use a variable?
> <xsl:variable name="sortkey">
>   <xsl:call-template name="foo"/>
> </xsl:variable>
> <xsl:for-each select="/some/nodes">
>   <xsl:sort select="string($sortkey)"/>
>   ...
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