Re: [xsl] tokenize()

Subject: Re: [xsl] tokenize()
From: "Simon Kelly" <kelly@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 16:21:30 +0200
> you can't in general. (ie the xquery operations defined in teh xquery
> spec) but note that document has xpath2 in the title, and you can use
> all of xpath2 in xslt2 just as you can use all of xpath1 in xslt1.

Ah, here is my problem.  I haven't updated anything in quite a while, so I'm
using xslt1 still and some very old versions of tomcat et al to run it all
in.  Time for a dredge of the net and a few updates :-)

> I assumed if you were using xslt2 you had the document locally so it's
> just a matter of searching the page in your browser, which wouldn't have
> taken long, as its in the table of contents.

Got all the old stuff still ;-)

> (but anyway it was a rather grumpy answer of mine...)

No problem there, I get just like that one someone asks me questions like
that about some of the stuff I use.  I usually just put it down to coffee
abuse and over work ;-)



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