[xsl] Filtering using list of params (Subtree creation?)

Subject: [xsl] Filtering using list of params (Subtree creation?)
From: "Chris Ward" <cward@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:39:05 -0000

First time posting - please forgive any duplication (I did look in the

I want to know if there is a preferred method of filtering out multiple
of a large XML using some form of parameter list/document.

For illustration purposes I've created the following simple XML

	<store location="london">
	<store location="new york">
	<store location="paris">
	<store location="madrid">
	<store location="tokyo">

What I need if for different "views" to be available based on
the locations.


London Manager : sees London
Euro Manager   : sees London, Paris, Madrid
Global Manager : sees all

In my application I have some templates that do SUM() (currently 
for the entire document) to give some grand totals.  What I would
expect these to show using the example above is

London Manager : Staff = 100
Euro Manager   : Staff = 175
Global Manager : Staff = 500

So I'm thinking I need to select out the sections I required into
an xsl:variable and then apply the totals templates to that.

Also, what is the best way to express the filter list?  A separate
XML doc?  A comma delimited string param?

Any wisdom on this would be fantastic.

Many thanks,

Best regards


Chris Ward, Horizon Asset Limited

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