RE: [xsl] controlling namespace with XSL

Subject: RE: [xsl] controlling namespace with XSL
From: "Todd Baker" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 09:36:42 +1100
Add this to your stylesheet tag

<xsl:stylesheet exclude-result-prefixes="idm">


I m using xalan-j.
I have the input XML under a specific namespace (
xmlns:idm="" ).
So this requires my stylesheet to have xmlns:idm=""

But my output XML is not related to this namespace at all, and I dont want
this namespace declaration to appear in my output xml at all.

No matter what I do I always end up with all teh namespace declarations in
my output xml.

Is there any way to avoid this


<onne:root xmlns:onne=""> ...


<randee:root xmlns:onne="">

How do I write the xsl


Sony Antony <santony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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