Re: [xsl] binding xml to stylesheet

Subject: Re: [xsl] binding xml to stylesheet
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 11:49:21 -0500
At 07:15 AM 3/12/2004, David wrote:
> Where has the original document gone?
you haven't said what browser you are yousing.
In IE this is explained in the msxml3 sdk that you can download from

Browsing XML Using XSLT Style Sheets


The document.XMLDocument property returns the root node of the XML source document.
The document.XSLDocument property returns the root node of the XSLT style sheet document.

Mozilla has something similar.

Alternatively, you can arrange it so that the data you need your script to query is actually put out in some form into the HTML output, most likely using HTML/CSS to hide it from the browser display. This can also be convenient because the transform can restructure it into the simplest possible form, optimized for your script.

This way of doing it will work if your transforms happen on the server or in batch production, as well, since the HTML page, even with the scripting, is completely self-contained -- so the presentation layer doesn't need to query into the next layer down. Of course there are disadvantages too: for example if you have a large data set to query and only want your HTML page to show a small bit of it, you may not want to send the entire data set to the client.


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