RE: [xsl] XSL and FO

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSL and FO
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 09:17:54 -0500
XSLT files (the ones that have <xsl:template> in them) are used to transform XML files into other files, usually, but not always, into other types of XML files. XSL-FO is one of those kinds of XML files. So if your goal is to produce an XSL-FO file from an XML file using XSLT, you are going to find elements with the fo: namespace in the XSLT file.

The processing pipeline would look like this:

            ____________________                      ______
XML  -> |                               |                    |         |
            | XSL Transform Engine | -> XSL-FO -> |  FOP | -> PDF
XSLT -> |___________________|                     |_____|

HTML tags are not XSL-FO, so I would expect FOP (a program designed to consume XSL-FO files) to ignore HTML tags, as they are not part of XSL-FO.

Charles Knell
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Good Morning experts,
i would like to ask you a question: i have an XSL file with <xsl:template>
and <fo:...> tags... I looked that some users made an FO file with FO tags
only. So my qustion is: what is the different between the files XSL and FO?
I tried to put html tags also with template and FO tags into XSL file, but
during the processing (to transform in PDF), FOP doesn't work... Why?
I hope you can help me.... Thank you...

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