[xsl] Re: [xml-dev] ANN: XSLT Standard Library v1.2.1

Subject: [xsl] Re: [xml-dev] ANN: XSLT Standard Library v1.2.1
From: Steve Ball <Steve.Ball@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 07:30:06 +1000
In terms of functionality there is some overlap in the date-time, math and string modules.
One goal is to ensure that where there is overlap the XSLTSL uses the same API
(for portability of stylesheets). There is also significant difference in functionality,
since XSLTSL is *not* an extension library (eg. XSLTSL cannot implement nodeset

In terms of packaging they are quite different. To use EXSLT your processor of
choice must implement the EXSLT extensions. However, XSLTSL is just a
bunch of XSL stylesheets, and so may be used by any conformant processor.

In terms of interface they are also quite different, due to the limitations of XSLT v1.0.
XSLTSL is defined in terms of named templates, whereas EXSLT defines extension
functions. Future development will make use of XSLT 2.0 functions.

Steve Ball

On 13/10/2004, at 1:49 AM, Rich Salz wrote:

    XSLT Standard Library

Interesting. How does it compare/contract with exslt, in terms of overlap?


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