[xsl] [Saxon-SA] SAX filter for stylesheet

Subject: [xsl] [Saxon-SA] SAX filter for stylesheet
From: Justin Johansson <procode@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 21:40:50 +0900
Sorry I forgot to explain the devil in the detail.

Wishing to use Saxon invocation argument

-y classname
Use specified SAX parser for stylesheet file, including any loaded using
xsl:include or xsl:import.
The parser must be the fully-qualified class name of a Java class that
implements the
org.xml.sax.Parser or org.xml.sax.XMLReader interface

What is the best/easiest class that I could reasonably expect to be already
available to me
in an Eclipse 3.3 environment that would implement one or other of the
org.xml.sax.Parser or org.xml.sax.XMLReader interfaces so that I can
implement my own class to re-implement my specific SAX filter.

Justin Johansson
Freelance XML / XSLT / XQuery Developer

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