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Customizing Automated Messages
There are several automated messages that are sent to your subscribers to keep your list running smoothly, including:
  • sub-ok: an acknowledgement sent to an address that has been successfully subscribed
  • unsub-ok: an acknowledgement sent to an address that has been successfully unsubscribed
  • sub-confirm: request to confirm a subscription request - NOTE: this is important to assure that all subscribers are on the list voluntarily
  • help: a generic help message with a list of supported command addresses
  • faq: frequently asked questions about your list - this content is entirely up to you so feel free to include any information that would be of interest or relevant to your subscribers

You can customize these messages via the "List Configuration Manager" on your "ADMIN" page.

  • Choose the list and click "Edit",
  • Click on "Configuration",
  • Click on "Edit Texts" and follow the instructions provided.

NOTE: There are some special variables that are used to generate customized messages, e.g., unsubscribe instructions -- you should avoid changing them and change only the content. Be sure to use your test list to check your changes before editing any texts on your production list. When in doubt, just ask us!


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