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Creating an E-mail Message from a Web Page

Given a pre-existing web page, this procedure guides you through how to send an e-mail message which is both text and html.
Instructions for: Outlook Express - Netscape
Outlook Express
  1. Start Outlook Express
  2. On the File Menu, choose
      New Message Using...
        Web page
    and enter a URL, e.g.

    The web page will appear in a new message.

  3. In the new message window, on the File Menu, choose
      Uncheck "Send pictures with message"
    THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise, you will send every graphic to every person on the list, a HUGE amount of bandwidth for e-mail.

    Don't worry, your subscribers will still be able to see the pictures because they will be fetched from the Internet.

  4. To view/change the source, on the menu bar, choose
      Check "Source edit"
    You will see 3 tabs at the bottom: Edit, Source, Preview. Make any changes to the source if necessary. (If you see a <BASE=""> tag, you'll need to delete it.)
  5. That's it! The page in Outlook looks identical to the web page, and a text version is generated for those people without html e-mail readers.
  1. Start Netscape Navigator (the web browser)
  2. Go to the page you want to send via e-mail.
  3. On the File Menu, choose
      Send Page...

    Netscape Messenger will open. The URL of the page you are sending appears in the body of the message. The web page is sent as an HTML part of your message.

  4. Click "Send", and you're done.

    People who can see HTML in their mail programs will have the page displayed in their e-mail program. People who cannot view HTML will see the URL and will be able to cut and paste it into their browser.

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