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Why You Are Getting MODERATE Requests
Most discussion lists are set up so that only subscribers can post messages. If a person who is not a subscriber tries to send a message to the list, you and the other moderators will receive a MODERATE request, including the text of the message. But, you say, the person sending a message is a subscriber. In this case, they are probably sending the message from a secondary address that is not subscribed.
What you can do:

  1. If you want the message to be distributed to your list, go ahead and approve the message by replying to the MODERATE request (instructions are provided in the MODERATE request).
  2. Add the secondary address to the Allow List. How?
    • Go to your ADMIN interface,
    • click on "Configuration Manager",
    • choose the appropriate list name and click "Edit",
    • click "Allow List" and add the new address!
  3. Note: You can add the secondary address to the subscriber list to avoid getting future MODERATE requests from that address. However, this person will then get two copies of each message, one to each address, which he or she may not want.

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