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BIGLIST Order Form

Preliminary Info:
Do you want your new list to be configured identically to any of your prior existing lists?
  • If yes, which prior list: Also, please fill out Sections 1, 2, and 3 below.
  • If no, please complete this entire form.

1. Contact Info:
Whom should we contact with the new list information, including sensitive password information?
You can provide us with additional contacts in the "Additional Specifications" box at the bottom of this form.

2. List Address:
Standard list, e.g.,
Virtual list, e.g.,

3. List Owner's E-mail Address:

The list owner receives e-mail messages that are directed to, and is expected to be a responsive human being. The list owner may also choose to receive notifications of list activity, including subscribes and unsubscribes.

4. What type of list?
 Announcement (one-to-many) list - only moderator(s) may send messages to the list - please fill out section 5.
 Discussion (many-to-many) list - all subscribers may send messages to the list - you still need to fill out section 5.

5. Message Moderators' Email Addresses:
Message Moderator #1:
Message Moderator #2 (opt):
Even if you want a discussion list, please specify a moderator who will approve/reject messages sent to the list from non-subscribers. You can specify additional moderator(s) in the "Additional Specifications" box at the bottom of this form.

6. Purpose of your list:
This information is not required, but it may help us optimize configuration of your list.

7. Additional specifications or requirements, if any, or questions:

  BIGLIST Inc. · 212-686-2140
  1640 Maple Ave #801
  Evanston, IL 60201

Problem reports welcome at
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