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BIGLIST Mailing List Hosting Policies

BIGLIST hosts opt-in mailing lists. No spam of any kind is permitted. All of our clients have signed contracts stating that they will not spam, and that all email addresses on their list have a reasonable expectation of receiving email from them.
We provide a service which enables companies to communicate efficiently with interested parties while providing a fail-safe and convenient way for their subscribers to remove themselves. In addition, we do not sell, rent, or otherwise disseminate our clients' lists. That is also in our contract.
BIGLIST's Guarantee
Although we cannot verify each and every email address that is given to us, we do enforce our contract. Rest assured that if a BIGLIST client has abused the no-spamming provision of our contract, we will take immediate steps to make sure that the spamming will not continue.
Why You Received the E-Mail
It is possible that you dealt directly with the client, but it happened long ago, or that the content of the message is not what you expected. First mailings always take a small percentage of the subscribers by surprise.
Clients can also acquire email addresses from other sources, and again, we require them to be opt-in. For example, you might have downloaded software, or registered for a website, trade magazine, or contest, and indicated via a check-box that you would be willing to receive information from their partners or related 3rd parties. These are called "co-registration agreements," and information about how the submitted email address will be used is given in the privacy policies of the sponsoring companies.
It's also possible that our client simply made a mistake.
What You Can Do
  1. You can unsubscribe yourself by following the instructions at the bottom of the message you received.
  2. Email your complaint to the contact given by the company that sent you the message.
  3. Email your complaint to We investigate all complaints, and will take immediate action where appropriate. Please include the message and full headers of the e-mail you received.

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