BIGLIST No Spam Policy

According to the terms and conditions of the BIGLIST E-Mailing Services Agreement, Customer is responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including laws relating to spam such as the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This No Spam Policy is not intended to conflict with any such laws or to permit uses of the BIGLIST service in any way that is proscribed by such laws.

Customer will not place or maintain any email address on any of Customer's email list(s) without the email addressee's informed consent. Customer will promptly remove any email address from a Customer's email list upon the email addressee's request to be so removed.

Informed consent means that the email addressee is aware of the following: (a) his or her email address will be placed or maintained on an email list; (b) either the email list name or a description of the email list; and (c) the name of the organization or person who will be sending messages to the email list. Informed consent may be obtained in person or by telephone, email, or web form on a Customer website or a third party website ("co-registration"). Consent may also be implied by a prior business relationship between the List Owner and the email addressee as long as the prior business relationship is relevant to the subject matter of the email list.

Customer may not acquire email addresses from a third party regardless of any third party privacy policy or user agreement allowing the sharing or distribution of email addresses. Exceptions to this requirement must be obtained in writing upon written request to BIGLIST

Regardless of Customer's compliance with this No Spam Policy, BIGLIST retains the right to suspend service if BIGLIST receives complaints about Customer's list(s) in such volumes as to potentially disrupt service to other BIGLIST Customers.

Friday, December 1, 2023 (Last modified: January 5, 2004)