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Choosing a List Domain

When we set up your account, we create an email address which represents all the addresses on your list. When you send an email to that address, our system verifies that it's from you, then sends the message to your subscribers in minutes.

That email address consists of the name of your list and your list domain. Your newsletter subscribers might be represented by the email address, In this example, the list domain is

The list domain is used in the following ways.

  1. As the location where you and your subscribers log in to manage the lists and subscriptions.
  2. In the failsafe unsubscribe links appended to all outgoing list messages.
  3. Typically, in the From: address for messages sent to your subscribers, if you want additional junk filtering done (most accounts over 1,000 subscribers do). You may always customize the display name in your sending address.

BIGLIST provides two kinds of list domains, standard and virtual. Both options integrate with your website by providing a customized subscription form for your website and a branded interface with your organization's banner and choice of color pallette.

In brief, choose a standard domain for speed and simplicity of set-up, or a virtual domain if it is important that BIGLIST be behind the scenes as much as possible.
More details are below.

Standard Service

BIGLIST will set up a list domain using your company name or acronym as part of the mailing list website address.

List address


  • We have total control over the domain and can set it up properly, same day.
  • You can leverage the goodwill of the domain, which is explicitly whitelisted with some Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


  • The domain is visible in the circumstances listed above.

Virtual Service

Our Virtual List Hosting Service uses domains which are registered to your organization but use BIGLIST's web and email servers. We offer two options for using our virtual service.

Option #1: Registering a New Domain

You can register a new domain name to use with our services:

List address


  • The domain stays behind the scenes.
  • This technique always works.


  • Usually a 24 hour delay in completing the registration.
  • Costs an additional $14/year.

Setup and configuration:

Register a domain exclusively for list hosting, like

  • Cost is about $14/year at
  • Enter,, as the nameservers.
  • The new domain should be ready overnight.

Option #2: Creating a Subdomain

Creating a subdomain allows you to use the same top level domain name you use for your organization's website and email.

Please contact us to determine if such a subdomain can be set up for your account.

List address


  • The domain is behind the scenes.
  • You can leverage the familiarity of your primary domain name.


  • Requires set-up by your domain name service provider, so the set-up time varies from same day to several days.
  • Some domain name service providers can't or won't make the required change. We do give exact instructions, and the change literally takes 1-2 minutes if they know what they are doing. If this is the case, your best option is to register a new domain strictly for mailing lists, as described in Option #1 above.


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