Welcome to DSSSList@mulberrytech.com

Subject: Welcome to DSSSList@mulberrytech.com
From: Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 13:18:57 -0500
Welcome to DSSSList@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, the DSSSL users' mailing list.

DSSSList is provided as a forum where users of DSSSL -- Document Style
and Semantics Specification Language -- can exchange ideas and
solutions.  The DSSSL standard is comparatively new, DSSSL
implementations are even newer, DSSSL embodies many concepts that
are new to many people, and as yet there is no great body of reference
implementations or reference books for people using DSSSL.  The
DSSSList is provided as a means to bootstrap DSSSL usage -- people
using DSSSL helping other people using DSSSL so new users can avoid
common pitfalls and we can increase the spread of DSSSL knowledge
rather than have every user learn everything in isolation.

DSSSList is provided by Mulberry Technologies as a service to the
DSSSL user community.  It was started because we felt the need for a
forum such as this when we were writing our first stylesheet.  Since
there was no place to turn to for help, we decided to create one.
It's as simple as that.

Only subscribers can post to DSSSList, but since the goal is to
increase the level of DSSSL knowledge, DSSSList is being archived on
Mulberry's web site for everybody to view.  The topics being discussed
on the DSSSList will change as new ideas arise or existing problems
are dealt with, but the archive will contain all of the ideas and
solutions that have been discussed on the list.


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