DSSSList, Day 1

Subject: DSSSList, Day 1
From: Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed Mar 26 18:31:14 1997 EST

Firstly, thank you again for subscribing to the DSSSList.  Secondly,
no, there won't be a "DSSSList, Day 2" message tomorrow.


After one day we have approximately 55 subscribers to DSSSList and 25
subscribers to DSSSList-Digest.  The sequence in which people
subscribed gives credence to the theory that most people read their
news first thing in the morning: the announcement was posted at about
4:00 pm in Washington, DC, and over time the majority of subscriptions
coming in were from the west coast of the US, then from Japan and
China, then from Europe, then from the east coast of the US, and
finally a second wave of subscriptions from the west coast.


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The first daily digest has been sent, and from tomorrow compilations
of the previous day's messages will be sent out at 3:00 am each day
(in keeping with the theory that most people like to read their mail
in the morning).

There was a short period where subscribers to DSSSList-Digest could
not post to DSSSList, but that has been fixed.  DSSSList-Digest
subscribers should send their postings to DSSSList@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tony Graham
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