Emacs changes for dsssl-mode available

Subject: Emacs changes for dsssl-mode available
From: Dave Love <d.love@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 Apr 1997 19:46:55 +0100
  [The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
   that has been posted as well.]

I've posted some changes to Emacs' scheme-mode inter alia to provide
dsssl-mode as a variant with different syntax recognition; rms has
accepted them.  They're in gnu.emacs.bug at
<URL:news:199704100931.KAA05523@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> if people are
interested.  (Beware that the earlier posting was a diff against the
wrong thing.)  The diff should apply to any version of Emacs19; I've
no idea about XEmacs.

If anyone has suggestions for improvement it might be best to send
them through me until Emacs 19.35 comes out.

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