Re: Legal DSSSL? was: Viewports 'Visible' property

Subject: Re: Legal DSSSL? was: Viewports 'Visible' property
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 11:24:03 +0700
At 15:54 23/04/97 -0400, Paul Prescod wrote:

>The last line is a short form for
>(process-node-list (select-elements (children (current-node)) '() ))
>Which (to me) means: "Select all children elements no matter what their
>GI and process them." But I don't know if the DSSSL standard was
>supposed to support this interpretation. If it does, though, I think
>that this would be a very useful idiom to remember.

I think that's the most natural interpretation of an empty pattern, but I
don't think the standard is completely clear.

>If it doesn't, I would guess that there is a way to differentiate
>charcters from elements using node-property, but I haven't looked into
>to it.

You can use select-by-class.  This is implemented in Jade.


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