Re: Small Caps in Jade

Subject: Re: Small Caps in Jade
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 06:27:18 +0700
At 13:42 29/04/97 -0400, Tony Graham wrote:
>Does anybody know how to get small caps using Jade, specifically using
>the RTF backend of Jade?
>I don't have a small caps font (and I doubt that Word would be smart
>enough to use it) so Word fakes small caps by transforming lowercase
>letters to uppercase at 80% of the normal height.  The problem is that
>I can't take advantage of even that fakery with the RTF I produce from

The way to do this in DSSSL is to use the glyph-subst-table property.  The
Jade RTF backend knows about the AFII glyph ids for small caps and
recognizes when a glyph-subst-table is doing small caps.  One way to create
a suitable glyph-subst-table is like this:

(define *small-caps*
  (letrec ((signature (* #o375 256))
	    (lambda (n)
	      (glyph-id (string-append "ISO/IEC 10036/RA//Glyphs::"
				       (number->string n)))))
	    (lambda (from count)
	      (if (= count 0)
		  (cons (cons (make-afii from)
			      (make-afii (+ from signature)))
			(gen (+ 1 from)
			     (- count 1)))))))
    (glyph-subst-table (gen #o141 26))))

The just use

  glyph-subst-table: *small-caps*


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