Re: Jade 0.8 ignores -c flag

Subject: Re: Jade 0.8 ignores -c flag
From: Christopher Walsh <christop@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 11:17:23 +0000 (GMT)
> >Jade 0.8 seems to ignore the -c catalog_sysid flag.
> It works fine here.  The relevant code is unchanged since 0.7.

Nothing's going right for me today. Here's how that message should have 


It really doesn't work for me. Here's what I'm doing:

I've got a catalog file called "foo_catalog" that looks like this:

PUBLIC "-//SCO//DTD tta-book//EN" "../../dtd/tta_book.dtd"

and an sgml file that goes something like this:

<!doctype book public "-//SCO//DTD tta-book//EN">

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