sgml-parse working example required

Subject: sgml-parse working example required
From: Tsyshevsky Vladimir <wowa@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 May 97 17:54 MSD

jade_08 implements new primitive

(sgml-parse string #!key active: parent:) 

which is described in standard as follows:

  Returns a node-list containing a single node that is the root of a grove built by
  parsing an SGML document or subdocument using the SGML property set. string is
  the system identifier of the SGML document entity or SGML subdocument entity.
  active: is a list of strings specifying the names of the active DTD or LPDs. At most
  one DTD shall be active...

a) It looks like the 'string' argument is used as filename, but not as
entity name;
b) I failed to parse the subdocument with it's own dtd, it looks like
the parent documents's dtd always used

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