Character Reference Problem

Subject: Character Reference Problem
From: "Kevin Desmarais" <desmarai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 10:24:50 -0400
I have a question on how Jade handles character references.  I have an SGML
document instance that I am translating from one DTD to another DTD and I
am running into problems with the translation of character references,
specifically the character reference to a record start (&#10;), made within
the text (#PCDATA) of elements.  Here is an example:

<verbatim>put a hard return here&#10;beginning of new line</verbatim>

is getting translated to:

<verbatim>put a hard return herebeginning of new line</verbatim>

The &#10; character reference appears to gets dropped/ignored in the
translation.  I've done some experimenting and noticed that Jade interprets
some other character references just fine, such as &#65; for "A".  Does
anyone know how I can get a record start substituted in for a &#10;
character reference made in the text of an element or how I can preserve
the character reference in the translation of the #PCDATA of an element
(either condition is okay)?

Thanks -

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