Re: rtf backend/graphic scaling

Subject: Re: rtf backend/graphic scaling
From: Anders Berglund <alb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 11:22:33 -0400
James told me that it was not possible given RTF - you cannot include
scale info when you use the word import filters for graphics... AND
these are "stupid" enough not to honor/trust the TIF dpi values. I had
the same problem with halftones and "solved" it with the use of JPEG/JFIF
where the dpi is honored... You may try some other formats to see
if word takes the dpi value for those and renders the picture at 100%...
(as I also wanted to show the photo at 200% I am totally out of luck -
until there is a FrameMaker MIF backend where you CAN include the scale


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