Re: JADE bug??

Subject: Re: JADE bug??
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 13:55:20 +0100
Olivier wrote:

> I tried 2 different thing, but jade always crushes (no pb without the
> header).

I guess you missed the section of the documentation about reporting

<h2><A NAME=bugs>Reporting Bugs in Jade</A></h2>
If you find a bug in Jade, please take the time to report it.  If Jade
crashes on any input whatever, that's a bug and I want to hear about
it.  If Jade fails to process a specification that conforms to the
DSSSL standard in the manner required by the DSSSL standard in a way
that is not documented here as a current limitation nor is documented
as an error in the proposed <A
Corrigendum</A> to the DSSSL standard, that's a bug and I want to hear
about it.
Please report bugs by email to me, <A
href="mailto:jjc@xxxxxxxxxx";><CODE>jjc@xxxxxxxxxx</CODE></A>.  Do not
post them to comp.text.sgml nor to the sp-prog list.
I do not want to get bug reports about documented limitations, so
please read the list of limitations carefully.  However, feel free to
let me know which of the current limitations you would most like to
see addressed.
I also at this stage do not want to hear about bugs in your C++
compiler that prevent it from compiling Jade: if your compiler refuses
to compile Jade, I want to hear about it only if
it is because the Jade source code fails to conform to the current
ANSI C++ draft in some way, or
you have a clean, simple and portable workaround for your compiler's
Before reporting a bug, please check that your snapshot is current.
<strong>The most important thing in reporting a bug is to include a
complete set of files on which I can run jade and reproduce the
problem</strong>.  Also tell me what command line I should use, and
what is incorrect about the behaviour of jade.  If the files are large
package them up as a tar or zip file and upload them to
It is useful if you have a fix for a bug, but please don't delay
sending in the bug while you work on a fix and don't send in a fix
without giving me the files to reproduce the bug it fixes.

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