Notation system ID

Subject: Notation system ID
From: Frank Christoph <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 15:14:51 +0900
I know what a notation is and I know what a system ID is.  What is a notation
system ID, exactly?  More specifically, what is the appropriate thing to
supply as a value for the external-graphic flow object's notation-system-id:
property for a TIFF image?  Is it supposed to be a program that turns a TIFF
image into whatever format the backend produces?

Incidentally, since we are on the subject of IDs, where does one learn the
_public_ IDs of things (like TIFF, for example)?  I seem to recall a seeing
mention of a standard that lists such things, but is there an alternative
resource?  (If not, a list of common public IDs --- for SGML, TIFF, GIF, TeX,
etc. --- would be a useful addition to the DSSSL Handbook.)  I suppose not,
since the registration needs to be centralized... sometimes I think it would
be much better to work out some sort of system using public key encryption to
decentralize registration mechanisms for URLs, domain names and the like.

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