A few question about SENG/DSSSL environment

Subject: A few question about SENG/DSSSL environment
From: "Ubik Sven" <UBIK@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 16:44:30 MET-1MEST

it seems that almost all discussion in this list turns around the 
Jade DSSSL implementation (it is really a great work). Nevertheless,
does anybody have any experience with the Java-based SENG/DSSSL 

I tried working with SENG and I found interesting that it should
contain "the infrastructure for `loadable' flow object semantics"
(according to the dsssl.flowobject package overview). I tried to 
find out how this works from short descriptions of classes and 
methods available but there are still some points I do not understand:

1. If I define a new flow object class in a DSSSL specification,
   for example:
   (declare-flow-object-class myclass "-//cz.myorg//DOCUMENT myclass//EN")
   how it is processed? Does dsssl.engine.Processor object read any
   specification of flow object class semantics from the referred external 
   entity? If yes, what should be the format of this specification?
2. Interpretation of flow objects on different presentational media is
   probably implemented in different subclasses of dsssl.flowobject.Exterior
   class (e.g., COM.copsol.dsssl.exterior.AWTExterior class). How can
   these classes (especially the atomic method) cope with instances of new 
   application flow object classes? Can they use any specification of flow 
   object class semantics?

So far, only part of SENG/DSSSL environment implementation is available,
the rest are only Java interfaces, but I think that its architecture
is interesting and I would like to hear from someone who also tried
to investigate the parts already available.

Sven Ubik

Sven Ubik                      Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
                               Czech Technical University
E-mail:  ubik@xxxxxxxxxxxx     Technicka 4, Prague 6, 166 07
         ubik@xxxxxxx          Czech Republic

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