Subject: seng/xsl
From: Jefu! <jefu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:19:23 -0700
I like the look of seng and where its going - especially
with the latest comments on it.  

I'm interested in the possibility of building a system
where something very like dsssl sits in the middle and
builds flow object descriptions (and some other stuff)
and where these are then displayed perhaps under the
control of a schemeish scripting language.  (Well, 
actually I want to represent scheme constructs in an
XMLish sort of format so I have a single datatype - and "hey
presto!", as soon as I say that I read the XSL document...)  

But, I'd also like to be able to construct other
kinds of flow objects from the basic types given.  So
a "flow object description language" would be nice.  
With its embedded scheme, seng should be able to do
that with composition - how about with inheritance? 

I've built a couple examples with varying syntax and
don't feel comfy with any of them.  Does anyone else
have any thoughts? 

Looking at XSL I'd love to be able to extend the syntax so
that an XML'ish description could be used.  Then the data,
programs and even display descriptions would be in a single
format and the same kinds of operations would be possible
on all of them.

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