Re: Accessing command-line params from stylesheet

Subject: Re: Accessing command-line params from stylesheet
From: Dave Love <>
Date: 17 Sep 1997 19:05:03 +0100
>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Maden <crism@xxxxxxx> writes:

Jade doesn't do what you want AFAICT.

 Chris> [*] Yes, I've modularized this; each file would have nothing
 Chris> but a style-spec and an external-spec, but that's still a lot
 Chris> of files kicking around.

Is there some reason you can't use a script to generate an appropriate
file on the fly (either the style spec itself or an entity that the
spec could read)?

For a raw single command line, one possible POSIX solution to
substitute a definition, say between style fragments in two files is:

  jade -d "<literal>`echo '(define target "chapt1")' | cat style-top - style-bottom`" ...

I guess there's assorted possible fun with sysids, like punting to an
HTTP server with a little CGI-ism to do arbitrary text substitutions
in the file:

  jade -d http://host/style-sheet?target=chapt1 ...

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