SGML2MIF available

Subject: SGML2MIF available
From: Chris Maden <crism@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 18:14:05 -0400
... at <URL:> after
midnight tonight -0400 (when the Web pages are updated).

There's a Zip file that contains a sample Makefile, plus four .dsls
and a catalog.  The stylesheets are:

PUBLIC "ISO/IEC 10179:1996//NONSGML Procedures::Reference
	Implementations//EN" "iso10179.dsl"
-- a couple of procedures not implemented natively in Jade 1.0 --

PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly//NONSGML Procedures::Useful DSSSL Procedures//EN"
-- generally useful procedures (only 1 right now) --

PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly//NONSGML Procedures::MIF Generation
	Procedures//EN" "mifout.dsl"
-- generic procedures for producing MIF --

PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly//NONSGML Stylesheet::DocBook 3.0 to MIF 5.0//EN"
-- a working example that handles a subset of DocBook 3.0 elements --

The Makefile processes an entire document, but only creates MIF for
one element.  If the root element of the document has an ID, that will
work; the sample stylesheet has been used to process the book
_Programming Perl_ (619 pp.) and create tagged MIF files for each of
the 9 chapters in 8 minutes.  (The sample only handles DocBook
<chapter>s; the <preface> and <glossary> were ignored.)

The Web page at the above URL only has a link to the .zip file; I'll
update it with a little more information next week.

Thanks, James, for a powerful tool.

<!ENTITY crism PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly//NONSGML Christopher R. Maden//EN"
"<URL> <TEL>+1.617.499.7487
<USMAIL>90 Sherman Street, Cambridge, MA 02140 USA" NDATA SGML.Geek>

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