Re: Jade & Tables & RTF questions...

Subject: Re: Jade & Tables & RTF questions...
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 13:20:40 +0700
Oisin McGuinness wrote:

> My strategy for handling tables in the style sheet  is:
> --- for <tablecell>, do an immense amount of work interrogating neighboring cellrules, rowrules to find out 
>         what table-border objects to generate (every cell draws its bottom and right border; those in the first
>         row and column also generate their left and top borders),

You might be able to use border-priority and let Jade figure out some of

> 1) RowHeight Forcing:
>    In the example above, the 2nd tablerow has an explicit row height attribute of 0.78in. The intent is that
>    the boxes generated have enough blank space for a stamp to be applied to the resulting paper.
>    In DSSSL there is no such attribute for table-row; see

I think this is something that probably ought to be added to DSSSL.

For your DTD are the semantics that the row height is at least the size
specified, or that it is exactly the size specified?

>    In TeX, I could do this by inserting an
>    invisible vertical rule into the contents of the first cell in the row ; trying the same thing with Jade
>    didn't work 
>   So: does anyone have any better ideas than hacking RtfFOTBuilder.cxx to add an extension to allow
>      rowHeight specifications? Are there easy ways to generate an invisible box of zero with of the
>     correct height that I could insert into a tablecell?

If the cell is otherwise empty, you could try


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