Re: Jade's RtfFOTBuilder

Subject: Re: Jade's RtfFOTBuilder
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 09:02:46 +0700
Frank A. Christoph wrote:
> I've been looking at Jade's RTF backend recently and I discovered that the
> RtfFOTBuilder class keeps, along with a few other stacks, a stack of page
> formats (called pageFormatStack_).  But simple-page-sequences are always
> top-level, so what's the point of this?  The start() and end() methods
> include code of the form:
>   if (!inSimplePageSequence_) {
>     // push or pop the page format stack
>   }
> Under what conditions would you be formatting a flow object which is not
> contained in a simple-page-sequence?  (...under RTF, of course --- I know it
> can happen with HTML, for example.)  Furthermore, if you're not in a
> simple-page-sequence, shouldn't the page format stack be empty?

You can have a simple-page-sequence inside a sequence.  This could
happen if the user either uses a sequence flow object explicitly or uses
declare-initial-value (Jade handles declare-initial-value by wrapping a
sequence with the specified initial values around the top-level flow


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