PDF output?

Subject: PDF output?
From: David Megginson <ak117@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 07:30:51 -0500
Karl Critz writes:

 > Let's say you wanted to produce PDF output from SGML source.  The best idea
 > that I have right now is to use JADE to convert my SGML into a PDFmark
 > script, then run that script through the PDFmark distiller.  This
 > conversion could be tricky since PDFmark scrips are plain-text and I'd
 > probably have to use JADE's SGML backend to basically output SGML with
 > empty gi's.
 > Is there a better way to accomplish the PDF translate?
 > Failing that, is there a better way to output plain text?

Yes -- you can use Sebastian Rahtz's jadetex macros with the TeX
backend, and process the result with pdftex.

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