Re: jade/docbook/norm walsh's stylesheets upgrade?

Subject: Re: jade/docbook/norm walsh's stylesheets upgrade?
From: s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Sebastian Rahtz)
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 15:19:02 +0000
Thomas G. Lockhart writes:
 > Ouch! I still hold out hope that jadetex-0.53 will show some improvement
 > over jadetex-0.51, but I haven't figured out how to build it yet. Is
 > anyone running it on a libc-5.3.x linux box who can send me the relevant
 > files? I think I can tell you which ones if that would help.
just do

 latex jadetex.ins
 initex "&latex" jadetex.ltx "\dump"

if you have problems.

 > I've spend a _lot_ of time converting ~200 pages of docs to DocBook, and
 > counted on support for at least simple tables for postscript output (html
your tables *may* work. jadetex does do tables, of course, just cant
cope with the arbitrary complexity of DSSSL table possibilities.


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