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Subject: Re: The DSSSList Digest V1 #207
From: digitome@xxxxxx (Sean Mc Grath)
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 11:29:04 +0000
James.W Wilson wrote:
>      Is anyone working on the text backend to Jade that is mentioned on its
>      web page? How much work would it be? Most flow objects would probably
>      just get ignored, I suppose.

[Paul Prescod]
>You might try going through HTML. There are many ways of getting HTML to
>formatted text and some of them might preserve tables. Try Lynx "Save As
>Text" from Netscape, from Mosaic, etc. I heard of another such tool just
>today...I can find out its name if you are interested.

Netscape does a good job of preserving tables. IE does a dreadful job:-(
On Unix platforms the "save as" functionality is exposed for
automation. On Windows we could not dig it out of the Netscape OLE docs.
We ended up using good old SendKeys() which did the trick.

The W3 mode in Emacs is also capable of knocking out reasonable
text only tables from HTML.

Sean Mc Grath

Digitome Electronic Publishing

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