Another multiply files & JADE question.

Subject: Another multiply files & JADE question.
From: Andrei Kaikov <andrei@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 17:55:28 +0200
Hello there!

Let me at first represent an example that I've created to get that
subdocument entity issue clear.

This is the DTD of the master (or should I said main) document:

				<!ELEMENT main  - - (include)+>
				<!ELEMENT include - O EMPTY>
				<!ATTLIST include
					file-name CDATA #REQUIRED
					file-ref    ENTITY #REQUIRED>

				<!entity file-ent SYSTEM "req.sgml"

This is the DTD of subdocument that I intend to include into the master

				<!ELEMENT req - - (title, body)>
				<!ELEMENT title - - (#PCDATA)>
				<!ELEMENT body - - (item)*>
				<!ELEMENT item - - (#PCDATA)>
				<!ATTLIST item
				id 	ID 	#REQUIRED>

This is an example of the usage:
				<!DOCTYPE MAIN SYSTEM  "main.dtd" >
				<include file-name="req.sgml"

				<!DOCTYPE REQ SYSTEM  "req.dtd">
				<title>Title </title>
				<item 	id = "blah-blah-blah">It is

>From some message in the DSSSList archive I've got an example on how to
process subdocuments - so I used it:

(element include
(attribute-string "file-ref"))
                			active: (list "req.dtd")
				             parent: (current-node)))))

It works fine, of course. But now I have several newbie questions about
all this stuff and I hope you'll find the time to answer me.

1.	Does JADE builds the grove for this subdocument and gets it in
the memory all the time?
2.	As I've understood this subdocument is not a subgrove. I get the
node list from the entity and process it as a node-list each time I need
to transform or formate some of the REQ documents. Is it possible to
create (with JADE) grove so that the origin for <req> will be the <main>
element from the MAIN document? (short example will be appriciated :))

I guess that's all by now ... maybe later some answers will lead me to
the new questions :)

Thank you.
Andrei Kaikov

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